by Deafinition

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[Verse 1]
I'm toxic, an obnoxious pox
That leaves pockmarks on contact and often jocks
I wont rocket through cosmos, I'm locked in spot
Jack styles cause the rocks in my box are rot
I'm a stain on society, blame it on propriety
Cause I was pushed aside until I chained my sobriety
No gold chains, neither silver or ivory
While I claim fame, they can't even stand the sight of me
I can feign brains but the stupid comes to light
When I choose to shoot booze, liquor, pick another fight
Lick wounds, get sick, getting sicker every night
Whip drool off my lip, kid, this picture isn't right
keep a dim lit room, brain swelling til it burst
Shirt painted in stains, strain muscles til I curse
Gain weight from the same damn thing that I thirst
Break veins til I'm laid drained, slain in hurst

I'm toxic, a poison to myself
Hell bent to make choice that affects my health
I'm toxic, a poison to myself
I'll destroy every cell in my body til I melt
I'm toxic, a poison to myself
Hell bent to make choice that affects my health
I'm toxic, and as long I can stand
I'll keep the trend going, stay poisoned til I'm damned

[Verse 2]
I pack stacks, man, and pick wrappers apart
Twenty fags jam packed and crammed full of tar
Cause a real man handles what he can from the start
Smoke all twenty til I'm black in the heart
Now I'm part chemical, gripping for air
Lungs dotted like a reticle, winded from the stairs
There's a pinch in my ribs, chest pounding like a snare
Cause a kick's too healthy, breath sounding full of hair
My throat tightens, closes when I cough
That coffin's too close, God knows I couldn't stop
Got rocks in my gut, and gravel when I talk
Lose a chunk of my stomach every time that I hock
It stands to reason, the fact I'm still breathin'
I'm seasoned for the weather or maybe I'm a heathen
But chronic obstructive pulmonary please
There's no reason to think that I'd be beat by disease

[Chorus Repeat]


released March 23, 2014
Written and Recorded by: Deafinition
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Untested Methods



all rights reserved


Deafinition Dow City, Iowa

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