by Deafinition

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[Verse 1]
Born of a warrior god of destruction
Blood of Bushido take lives by the dozens
Samurai code fine tuned with frugality
My sword sings death cut em down with brutality
The battlefield my home with every stone that I'm stepping on
A single swing eviscerates entire unit echelons
Cleave to the left quarter moon to the right
Leaving the dead for the few left to fight
Exhume to their burials, pyres and crypts
Assuming they don't burn in the fiery pits
Strike down on the shoulder, slice pivot and slash
Cries shower over cannons leaving nothing but ash
A juggernaut, murder blazing path for the glory
Utter not a word but let his actions forge the story
Of the hordes that he fell raining blood upon his armor
And how his death on the field was his final act honor

Honor and Loyalty (that's the way of the samurai)
Cause over royalty (that's the way of the samurai)
Sacrifice and skill (that's the way of the samurai)
Never hesitate to kill (that's the way of the samurai)

[Verse 2]
I've traveled for miles seeking out all the worthy
To die by my blade body count over thirty
A duel to the death sever not but the head
Bloodletting the millions sword painted in red
Never surrender I'll take my own life
Before I submit I'd rather die by my own knife
Cut through the enemy must push this entity
To rush through with energy and crush every effigy
Burned in by hatred with armies left wasted
Alarmed by my rage leaves your body outdated
Armor of the gods shield body from harm
Got karma on my side and it acts as my arm
Dissecting evil doers that would threaten my clan
Slash, spin, parry, counter lunge sever the hand
Never again will let a foe get me from the start
No never again the arrow pierced me through the heart


[Verse 3]
From the day I was born to the day that I died
I was trained by my lord to never suffer from pride
Never eye for an eye I must abide by the code
But I'll make an example of those who go rogue
Channel all my anger let my sword become a part of me
An extension of myself and how to move in total harmony
I was taught to be the merciless bringer of death
And I fought to the end with every ounce of my breath
Invincible, every mortal wound I've ever suffered
Washed away the thought that I could ever really be sundered
I decimated every foe that dared to cross my path
And left a trail of bodies with a sick a sinister laugh
War was an art and I had mastered the craft
But it tore me apart at last after the math
I was human after all and I could hear the death rattle
But I was happy I could die in glorious battle

[Chorus x2]


released October 26, 2013
Artist: Deafinition
Producer: Untested Methods



all rights reserved


Deafinition Dow City, Iowa

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