Hand of Wrath (The Binding of Isaac)

by Deafinition

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I delve into the basement pace racing from the pavement
Face to face with slaves in every single place to place adjacent
Placing faith in my ability to weild the weapons given
Like the candle flame that lights and where technology has risen
I am the hand of wrath, no turnin' back you cannot save the lamb
I've braved the womb and utero, my blade it sates for Abraham
Don't pray for damned who'd never break the maker's cross or scoff his laws
The land of headless bodies, walk and disconnect from haunted maws
I'll play the part of martyr, pull the horsemen from their stable
Raise the knife and bare the mark of Cain to say that I was able (Abel)
Mount Moriah I descend unto the temple where the crux of it
Will shatter with the blinding lights upon the temple's covenant
My vigilance and sacred heart were honed in the court of Zion
Got the wrath of a lamb and the roar of a northern lion
I've passed the blood rights, a shadow in the flood lights
So cower when I raise my knucks, I'll show you how tough love fights

I'll grab my scapular and chant like I'm a fan of yours
But every word is burning you like verses Vs. Satanic slurs
Curse you without mercy, curt and clutch the purse and poloroid
The scorn of a lonely child raging like I'm born on roids
My inner eye is focused, homing show how hopless hiding is
Like Ployphemus with Poseidon's trident on the fighting end
Blinding light as Isaac, strike with lightening when I crack the sky
Or bring the tides of ire when I smite you with a glancing eye
A razorblade grants me expiation and the gift to slay
My enemies like Samson crashing temples when I simply pray
So step into the fray, I got a mouth full of brimstone
I'll light the match, ignite like gas and burn you from your grim throne
Like pestilance I bring the plague, miasma and the darkest clouds
Infested with the parasites and flies from beyond the shrowds
I am the hand of wrath, no turnin' back, you cannot heal the lamb
My fate is slated it's too late I've made my peace with being damned


released April 9, 2013
Instrumental and production by Untested Methods.




all rights reserved


Deafinition Dow City, Iowa

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